made in germany

Navxperience gmbh was established in november 2009 with the ambition to merchandise new navigation and location technology from germany throughout the world. Close collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute as well as with the Technical University of Berlin helps us to remain in the position as technological leader. All our products are developed and produced in Germany to provide the the highest possible quality standards. The development processes are technically oriented to the engineering standards of the german automobile industry. This allows us to guarantee the highest level of quality and security to our clients.


The founders and managing directors, Dirk Kowalewski and Franz-Hubert Schmitz, are both experts in the field of navigation and location. Both of them studied geodesy at renowned universities in Germany and benefit from their knowledge and experience which they assembled in the last twenty years, working for numerous established companies in the field of GPS, surverying and locating. Not only their knowledge but also their intuition for creating unique cooperations, are not only origin but also essential for any decision made at navxperience.

Together they have assembled a unique network, consisting of producers and suppliers and thus creating a stable platform for the distribution of technologic innovations.

Dirk Kowalewski

Managing partner of GeoIT GmbH in Berlin focussing on geographic information systems and GNSS technology

Franz-Hubert Schmitz

Founder and managing director of a land surveyor’s office located in Brandenburg, south of Berlin


We work and produce in close collaboration with our partners. They help us in the process of inventing new technologies, thus ensuring that we keep the position as technological leader.

The Technische Universität Berlin is a research university located in Berlin, Germany and is one of the largest technical universities in Germany.

The university alumni and professor list include National Academies elections, two National Medal of Science laureates and ten Nobel Prize winners.

The TU Berlin is a member of TU9, an incorporated society of the largest and most notable German institutes of technology and of the Top Industrial Managers for Europe network, which allows for student exchanges between leading European engineering schools.

The Fraunhofer Society is a German research organization with 60 institutes spread throughout Germany, each focusing on different fields of applied science.

It employs around 18,000 people, mainly scientists and engineers, with an annual research budget of about €1.65 billion.